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of Cyber Defense

Whether connecting a personal device at home to the Internet, or an entire business network via a high-speed fibre service, a necessity is to ensure that both users and devices are protected from cyber-threat.


You need a firewall.


AdEPT configure firewall deployments for some of the largest networks in the world, allowing the data in you do require, and not what you don’t.


AdEPT provides a centralised managed firewall over a resilient architecture within the AdEPT Nebula core, with centralised features including antivirus, intrusion protection and detection and the management of tailored firewall rules.


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    • Both centralised and edge firewalls (hosted and/or onsite)
    • Control access to and from the Internet, between sites and other network
    • Intrusion detection / intrusion prevention systems (IDS / IPS)
    • End user & infrastructure patching
    • Dual factor identification
    • Web and email filtering
    • Anti-virus
    • End user protection
    • Centralised user security management


    • Incorporates continuous threat protection, providing protection against known malware and malicious websites

    • Provides high performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic

    • Virtualised domain with advanced threat policies provides an easy-to-deploy solution for distributed sites

    • No requirement for on-site firewalls, although can just as easily complement local deployment and control

    • Virtualised domain per customer within AdEPT’s resilient Nebula core

    • Management and support by AdEPT skilled and trained staff

    • Delivered as part of an AdEPT Nebula WAN environment

    Advanced Options Available with Fortinet

    Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) is available for enhanced protection, with services including web and email filtering, anti-virus, intrusion detection and protection, and application control.


    FortiGate IPS includes:

    • Deep inspection for advanced threats, botnets, zero days and targeted attacks on the network
    • Independent third-party validation to demonstrate superior detection performance
    • Innovative security processor (SPU) technology for high-performance network throughput and deep security inspection
    • Seamless integration – appliance or cloud service – with world-class sandboxing for advanced threats
    • Special security controls for web servers and applications, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection
    • Data protection controls to prevent sensitive data exfiltration

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