AdEPT customers range from regional start-ups to global enterprises. Amongst our thousands of customers you’ll find some household names, including Halfords, Sotheby’s and Holiday Inn. If you look on the back of a can of Coca Cola, you’ll see the number for a telephone service powered by AdEPT.

Did you know?

Amongst AdEPT’s 12,000 clients are Halford’s, ASOS, Citrix and Carluccio’s, and turn to the back of a can of Coca Cola and you’ll see a number for a telephone service powered by AdEPT.


Our customers range in size from small start-ups to multi-national corporations. We know, therefore, that there is no one size fits all solution. Our aim is to make it simple, and demystify the ever increasing world of technology so you can make the right decisions on the right technology for your business.


There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. That’s why we work with stakeholders from across our customers’ businesses to design, deploy and manage technology solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

Compliant Solutions

Many of our customers work in sectors with strict governance and regulatory compliance obligations. AdEPT has a long-established reputation for delivering tailored solutions to the professional services sector, especially for legal and financial services providers.  The fintech revolution has transformed the way high street banks, wealth management and investment companies interact with customers. High-performance, low-latency solutions are used to deliver value-adding services across big data networks, without impacting on application performance or user experience.


Secure Networks


The high value associated with personally identifiable data makes commercial network infrastructure a potential target for cyber-criminals. As organisations have embraced cloud computing, mobility and the Internet-of-Things, the number and diversity of threats to network security has grown exponentially.


AdEPT provides a range of secure network solutions to help protect commercial infrastructure. With solutions ranging from perimeter security to end-point protection and multi-factor user authentication, we help ensure the integrity and authenticity of network data.


Managed Security Operations Centre


The complex and fluid nature of modern borderless infrastructure exposes both systems and data to a wide range of cyber-threats. Many organisations struggle to maintain the required level of expertise to support a Security Operations Centre (SOC) in-house, that’s why they’re turning to AdEPT for Security-as-a-Service.


Our managed SOC is an outsourced service that enables commercial businesses to respond to known and emerging threats in real-time. Services include everything from Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) to behavioural analytics, malware protection to managed firewall.

A Retail Revolution

The retail landscape in the UK has evolved beyond recognition in recent years. Whilst e-tailing has become the mainstay for some, there has been a quiet revolution in the in-store experience and intra-store, supply chain and customer communications.

Guest wi-fi and augmented reality shopping apps are delivering a more engaging in-store environment. Multi-channel contact centres allow customers to use their preferred communications channels and big data analytics are generating new insights into store performance and customer behaviour.


Wireless Networks


Wireless networking has long ceased to be a luxury within modern retail environments and is now seen as a standard. Whether used to support EPOS applications, mobile devices or inventory management, wireless networks provide both performance and convenience.


Guest wi-fi access is used to enhance the customer experience in-store, providing access to value-add services. Scalable solutions can be used to meet the seasonal demands in networking resource, to ensure your infrastructure is always fit for purpose.


Unified Communications


Unified communications and contact centre solutions have transformed the way retail businesses provide customer service. Whilst they provide enhanced business continuity, potentially the greatest benefit they offer is enabling customers with a choice of communications media.


Providing a single, unified platform for communications also helps deliver infrastructure cost savings and simplifies the supply chain. Cloud-based UC solutions eliminate any single point of failure within a network, providing greater resilience and agility.

Commercial Applications

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Voice and Unified Communications
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Business Continuity
  • IT Security


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AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.