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Innovative technology shapes learning, teaching and collaboration within education. It must be user-centric, engaging and support both staff and students, whether through their academic progression or personal well-being.

School IT Support Services & Education Technology Provider

In a digitally enabled landscape, education institutions compete for students in the same way high street retailers compete for customers. To attract the best and brightest, schools and colleges are looking to technology to provide a differentiator. At the same time, staff and students need access to applications, resources and flexible connectivity wherever they are working and from whichever device they choose.

IT Support & Services

Adept is a strategic partner of the London Grid for Learning and provides services to over 3,500 schools – including the delivery of the largest Microsoft 365 deployment in Europe, with over 1 million users. The education team has over 30 years’ experience of providing “designed for schools” technology that is easy to deploy, easy to use and budget-friendly. Our award-winning range of solutions boasts over 2 million users across the UK.

Digital Education Platforms

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department for Education introduced a funding scheme for schools to establish Digital Education Platforms, facilitating remote working with Microsoft or Google. Adept is an approved Microsoft and Google partner and works with schools and colleges to both establish platforms and claim the funding. Google and Microsoft both provide industry leading software for schools, including messaging, collaboration, setting homework, email and shared calendars, Cloud storage, and all with the relevant safeguarding taken into consideration.

Campus Wireless

Students, faculty and visitors alike expect campus-wide wireless irrespective of the device their using to connect with.  Always-on connectivity has become a necessity supporting accessibility and inclusivity.  Users want to authenticate once and be free to roam from halls of residence to lecture theatres, canteens and student unions without drop-out.


Bandwidth demands can be extreme in crowded campus environments, with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users looking to make the most of hi-definition video, collaboration, learning resources and social media. This can put a strain on wireless networks.


We understand the scalability, security and performance challenges of wireless deployments within educational environments.  We offer expert consultancy and design to transform the student and staff Wi-Fi experience.  Our specialist wireless surveying and deployment teams ensure we deliver reliable solutions with enhanced coverage and continuity of service.

Network Based Application Analytics

To provide students, faculty members and other network users with the performance and availability they demand, IT departments need to understand exactly how their network resources are being consumed. What applications are being used? What devices are used to access the network? Where and when is access required?


We provide educational institutions granular and meaningful analytics across their entire network infrastructure.  Our monitoring solutions gather data to provide a holistic view of your environment with proactive performance monitoring and alert systems that highlight issues before they impact the service. 


Detailed network usage data and reports deliver insight into how infrastructure and application resources are used across your sites.  This information enables your network to be optimised for the best applications performance and quality of service for users, providing them with an improved experience.

Secure Network Access

In today’s education establishments, iPads, laptops and other mobile devices are as commonplace as textbooks and remote working is standard.  Devices need to be identified and secured while accessing network resources to optimise IT support, ensure compliance to security policies and improve the delivery of educational services.


Our comprehensive analytics and security solutions can provide essential visibility and insight into the devices or endpoints, enabling you to protect your network and staff, student and guest users.  Network Access Control, Secured Internet of Things and User Activity Monitoring support your IT governance, risk management and compliance; including the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support, and security from the perspective of the end-user.

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