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Maintain up-time in the event of a local disaster.

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Business continuity is key, in a world that works around the clock you can’t risk your IT going down in the event of an unforeseen emergency such as fire or flood.


Our Cloud Disaster Recovery service means that your IT services remain available in the event of a local incident at your offices, maintaining critical up-time and reducing the ramifications on your business.


A reliable cost-effective cloud-based Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) solution that enables businesses of all sizes to safeguard their business critical data and minimise downtime.


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    • Physical IT systems virtualised and replicated in a secure cloud

    • Includes applications, email, data and your network configuration

    • Data and applications restored at any time to any location


    • Fast flexible failover of a single VM or entire site

    • Secure SSL/TLS encrypted data transfer

    • Data safely backed-up and replicated

    • Back up and running quickly

    • Quickly activated and restored in the event of a disaster

    • Low-cost alternative to a traditional hardware-based disaster recovery solution

    • Ability to fail back once the disaster has cleared

    • Recovery assurance including failover testing

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    AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.