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Interactive displays are LCD or LED screens, and though they look like big TVs, they are far more than that. They are touch and pen-enabled, meaning that you interact on them as you would a tablet. Multiple people can use them at once, on screens as large as 84″ and beyond. You can also connect a computer (or bring other devices together) to share content, as well as work with your online curriculum.

There are many different makes and models of interactive displays that offer a broad range of features, functionality, sizes and learning experiences.The key difference between an interactive display and a regular TV display is right in the name: interactivity. It’s easy to gravitate toward standard TV displays because they’re readily available, likely more inexpensive and often from well-known consumer brands. But interactivity is powerful in the classroom and shouldn’t be ignored.

In an interactive display, teachers have a tool that supports whole class, small group and individual learning, and easy transitions between the three. It can be a place for teachers to present and guide learning, but also a place where students work together, interact with content and problem solve. Different learning types, different teaching styles…they all find a home on an interactive display.

83% of parents and 79% of teachers agree education through gaming helps learning

  • Think Collaboratively: The positive effects of game-based learning are strongest when students play together, instead of alone. Organise activities in paris, or with the whole class.
  • Set Up Instructions: Students learn best when they’re given clear instruction, even when they’re playing games.
  • Use Groups To Encourage Gaming: Students are more engaged when learning together. Use group play to encourage learning.
  • Consider SMART Lab As Part Of SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite

Now share SMART Notebook lessons to an iQ enabled SMART Board or via link to the SMART Notebook player app.

  • SMART Notebook: The world-leading software designed for education
  • SMART Lab: Create engaging activities in less than 5 minutes
  • SMART Response: quick and effective formative assessment
  • SMART Amp: Discover co-creation on a level you’ve never seen

The Smart answer is ClaaS

Every School has budget constraints and competing priorities. We will work with you to figure out the best way to break your SMART ClaaS into affordable quarterly or annual subscriptions

  • Fixed Costs: All SMART technology, software and technical support, with the option of computers, Wi-Fi technology, servers and all you need for digital classroom
  • Fully Compliant: SMART ClaaS aligns with current UK legislation for the ethical procurement of technology in the education sector

Key Features

  • Integration with tablets and phones, including Chromebooks
  • Equip classrooms the best way you see fit thanks to Mini PC compatibility
  • Mounting points available
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR® to save energy, lowering your total cost of ownership
  • Includes SMART Learning Suite software
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution offers crisp content clarity and readability
  • 8 simultaneous touchpoints on Windows® and Mac®
  • 65-inch size
  • 338 cd/m² brightness
  • 10W integrated side-firing speakers

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