The Award-Winning Promethean ActivPanel

Designed by teachers, developed by Promethean, loved by education

Benefits & Features

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Teaching time is pressured. Workload is increasing. Technology can be a challenge. And against the backdrop of this, budgets are stretched, which means any investment needs to make life easier… not harder.


This is where the ActivPanel Elements Series comes in. We’ve drawn on our 20+ years’ experience of developing technologies which enhance the teaching and learning environment to underpin a design philosophy which focuses on user feedback and market knowledge – enabling us to deliver an advanced and flexible classroom solution which directly addresses the needs of teachers, school leaders and ICT professionals.


We’ve focused on all the little things to bring you an ActivPanel that will make a big difference to using technology in school.

Designed for the classroom

Technologically intelligent


A truly ‘out of the box’ solution, the ActivPanel Elements Series is ‘plug and play’ as standard, making it easier than ever to set up and manage classroom technology.


Increased engagement for students at all levels is delivered via the powerful in-built Android 8 device providing access to intuitive pre-loaded apps and content – plus additional customisable options greatly simplify IT management.


Intuitive and ergonomic


Thoughtfully designed for the classroom environment, the ActivPanel Elements Series delivers an intuitive user experience via the unified menu – making it simple, quick and easy to navigate to apps, content and resources by mapping the interface and icons to the teacher’s natural eyeline and ergonomic usage.


Considering the teaching experience in the context of front-of-class instruction, the ergonomically angled control console* enables teachers to swiftly and intuitively navigate directly to the unified menu, volume, source selection and more…

Designed for engagement

Unified Menu


The ActivPanel’s new unified menu places all of the most commonly-used tools right at teachers’ fingertips. Always accessible, teachers can move seamlessly between content and resources.


Enhanced Interactivity


Teachers and students can collaborate with up to 20 simultaneous touch points including pen, touch, and palm erase. Intelligent palm rejection technology recognises when a user is simply steadying themselves to write confidently on the screen.


Device Mirroring


ActivPanel’s controlled, multi-device mirroring lets teachers and students collaborate from anywhere in the classroom by connecting hand-held devices.

Dual Proximity Sensors


The ActivPanel Titanium automatically wakes up when someone enters the room. Teachers can quickly get started with the tap of the finger anywhere on the panel.


Room-filling Sound


Students who hear better, learn better. The ActivPanel’s bass enhanced, front-facing speakers fill the classroom with full range audio and superior fidelity.


Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® for Enhanced Connectivity


Provides the flexibility required for diverse networking needs and offers more classroom mobility. Bluetooth allows for easy connection to accessories and STEAMbased hardware, such as robots and lab sensors.


All-in-One and Connected


The ActivPanel Titanium features the speed, security and reliability of the Android 8 operating system on board, with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and Gigabit LAN integration.

Designed for flexibility

Understanding each school is unique, Promethean offers a range of additional computing options that enable you to customise the ActivPanel Elements Series to suit your individual school needs and environment.


Configure ActivPanel Elements to suit the individual networking infrastructure of your school…introduce Google Chromeboxes, ActivConnect OPS-G or ActivConnect OPS-M to create an ICT estate that aligns with your own strategy.


Need to mobilise your edtech? The ActivPanel Elements Series can be combined with a choice of versatile mounting solutions that gives you the freedom to move the teaching technology to where it’s needed… and secure it safely and securely for lesson delivery.


How can we help?

AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.