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Email filtering for protection against email-borne threats and spam

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About MailProtect Email Filtering

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In a world where a cyber-attack can have disastrous consequences for business, it’s important that proper protection is in place against emailable threats.


MailProtect is a sophisticated, cloud-hosted, email filtering system that harnesses the combined strength of multiple market-leading technologies (CloudMark, Cyren, SpamHaus, Sophos) to offer protection against email-borne viruses, malware, fraud and phishing, as well as filtering un-wanted bulk mail.


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    • Cloud-hosted management portal
    • Daily spam digest reports
    • Protects from malware, viruses and phishing
    • Helps protect from spam
    • Configurable block lists at organisation level
    • Helps protect against Denial of Service attacks
    • Included support from UK-based service desk


    • No hardware to buy, manage or maintain on-site making a saving on time and cost

    • Reliably ‘set and forget’ giving added piece of mind and removing additional workload.

    • Technology combined from market leading providers giving you the best, most comprehensive protection possible

    • Organisations have the control they require over permissions, allowing and disallowing email on their own terms, giving them a solution that works for them

    • Works across any business of any size or scale meaning a future-proof solution that can grow as your business does

    • Personal, available support as and when you need it