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Though the internet can be a powerful tool for any organisation there is plenty of undesirable content that may be inappropriate for users. WebScreen gives your organisation the ability to choose its own permissions to ensure your users benefit from all the great content the Internet has to offer, without risk of exposure to unwanted material. Benefits

• IP, User and time-based means for flexible policies allowing users the right access to specific content
• Site control over filtering policies allowing organisations as much filtering control over their policies as they wish, removing the time delays needed for 3rd party actions
• Full reporting allows you to monitor your organisations internet use, and take action after potential misuse
• The cumulative knowledge acquired from the browsing activity of millions of WebScreen users can be securely helping keep users safe by blocking and protecting from inappropriate sites in real-time
• Fully supported by a UK-based service desk meaning for any assistance required when necessary

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    • Cloud-hosted management portal
    • Site control over filtering policies
    • Time, user and IP based filtering
    • Configurable block pages
    • HTTPS filtering
    • Internet Watch Foundation compliant
    • Industry-leading Netsweeper AI technology