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Protecting your organisation from viral attack is of course a high priority for all involved. To this end, you need a strong, proven and far-reaching antivirus solution protecting users, networks, machines and data.


AdEPT support and deploy industry-leading Sophos antivirus that helps to do just this.


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    Sophos Antivirus Features

    • Protection for Windows, MAC and Linux systems against malware and other endpoint threats
    • Web, application, device and data control for comprehensive policy enforcement
    • Web filtering enforced on the endpoint whether on or off the network
    • Forensic-level system clean up
    • Manage your deployment with cloud-based Sophos Central or Sophos Enterprise console
    • Synchronise security between endpoints and your firewall

    AdEPT Antivirus


    • Comprehensive, real-time protection keeping your network safe, business operational and costs of recovery down
    • Full AdEPT support ensuring deployments are kept up-to-date and applied, meaning one less thing for you to worry about

    • Lightning performance, preventing your antivirus solution from slowing down your
    • Flexible licensing and deployments for policies, updates and reporting